Health check — Performing a driver backup could in some cases freeze Driver Fusion. Interface — Health check is now the default screen when opening Driver Fusion. Reporting — You can now generate a system report too. No need for manual arrangement ever again. Interface — Localized dates were not displayed in accordance with the regional settings of Windows. Treexy Driver Fusion is a handy and reliable application that helps you manage your system drivers. Неплохо, давно искал такую программу, чтоб корректно удалять не нужные остатки дров.

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Premium16 Device control — Devices are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation. Installed drivers can now be filtered from the complete list by selecting the option to only show installed drivers.

Health check — The additional driver information, such as the provider and release date, can now be accessed directly instead of through the tooltip of the driver. Это что за чешуйня по первой ссылке? RuFull 15 апреля Interface — Increased the width of the edges of the window to make it easier to resize. 1.7 только, что к версии 1. Лично у меня оставалось 15 ключей реестра,которые потом удалял в ручную со сменой прав!

Driver Fusion Premium 1.7.0RePacK — Portable забрать

Simply allow automatic updates and forget. Interface — All dialog screens are now movable. The file has been downloaded corrupted and you have to download it again. This way you will get the best result and maximum safety for your system with as little effort as possible.


Скачать Driver Fusion Premium RePacK — Portable бесплатно

History — Restore did not continue when a registry entry was corrupt. Забрать «Driver Fusion Premium 1. RuFull 23 декабря In such cases, temporarily disable your antivirus. Driver Fusion позволяeт удалить все остатки ветхих драйверoв, а такжe все ключи в реестрe, cвязанные с.

This new online service enables us to deploy new versions more easily without disrupting the service and is also more friendly to firewalls.

Premium16 Device installation settings — In driber settings you can now change if you want Windows to always install the best driver software from Windows Update.

Treexy наверное хочет посудиться за использование интерфейса Zune c майками. Device control — Improved the readability of several device and driver properties.

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Если создатели не лукавят, что старые драйвера удаляются из drover полностью, то очень полезная программа. Interface — All screens that require internet access now feature a uniform design.

Interface — The filters and history data grid now automatically scrolls to the top when changing the selected item. This enables permium to keep the current driver if you know that the driver is fine as is.


Premimu 13 сентября The last ten backup locations are automatically remembered. As of Driver Fusion 2.

Reporting — The maintenance action report is completely redesigned to improve print quality. Top Priority Support We provide support in two languages English and Dutch for our users around the world. KolekBl 28 ноября In-app update — Improved downloading algorithm for the updated files.

Vanila — глобальный торрент-трекер. Свежие релизы и последние новости

Premium16 Driver family — Directory and file entries show incorrectly as lower-case. Desktop Resolution Save your desktop resolution and restore it after system updates with ease.

Детальная цифровая фотография Как получить максимум от своей цифровой камеры. FusionPremiumDriver Рейтинг: